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We offer professional equipment for cleaning small to medium size objects for trade and industry. High quality steam equipment, vacuum cleaners and floor machines and related accessories.


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Steam engines


Our dry steam cleaners have a specially developed technology, which ensures very dry steam and a long service life. The steam boiler is made of stainless steel and has a self-descaling heating element which is encased in a special alloy.

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Floor machines


Our floor machines convince by compact design, optimal positions of brushes and hoppers and a central motor. A perfectly balanced machine for easy operation. Of course we also offer accessories such as brush plates, drive plates and pads.

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Vacuum cleaners


Manoeuvrable and handy vacuum cleaners with high suction power for small to medium-sized objects such as offices, shops, apartments or hotels, as well as for environments that must be completely germ-free, such as clinics and doctors' surgeries. We offer commercial vacuum cleaners and wet/dry vacuum cleaners in various sizes.

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