Steam appliances

Our dry steam cleaners have a specially developed technology, which is responsible for very dry steam and a long service life. The steam boiler is made of stainless steel and has removable heating elements.

Steam professional trade

Voltage: 230/50 volt/heart
Power: 2,4 kW
max. power: 2,45 kW
Steam boiler temperature: 174 °C
pressure: 8 bar
max. pressure: 8 bar
Flow rate: 0.069 (L.min.)
Water tank: 2 l
Boiler capacity: 1.5 l
Weight: 9,5 kg


With trolley and accessories

Stainless steel

The boiler is made of the first commercial AISI 304 stainless steel and is very durable. It can withstand temperatures up to 600°C. Using a special welding process (TIG "Tungsten Inert Gas"), the boiler is welded together by specialised technicians and tested at pressures of up to 70 bar.
 Because this welding method produces practically no welding spatter, the health risk from welding fumes is relatively low with this method.

Self-descaling heating element

The dry steam cleaner has a self-descaling heating element that has 4 times the power of spiral heating elements (28 instead of the average 7W/cm2). The heating element is encased in a special alloy, can be replaced unlike most spiral heaters, and has a very long service life.

When the temperature rises, the heating element expands and thus loosens the lime coating. The self-descaling electromechanical float ensures a consistently high steam temperature. 

Safe steam

The special technology enables continuous operation 24/7 (24 hours - 7 days a week) with continuous steam and hardly any maintenance required.

The cleanWorld dry steam cleaner also offers a safe protection system, an integrated operating hours counter and a self-checking temperature display. Special rubber sleeves on the water pump extend the life of the valves.

True Temp Technology and dual chamber system

The electromechanical float provides high quality steam throughout its life.
 Thanks to the dual-chamber system, the steam cleaner can be refilled at any time, even at full operating temperature, thus eliminating unnecessary waiting times.

Steam professional INDUSTRY 3.6 NEW!!!

Voltage:400/230 Volt 50-60 Heart
Power: 3,6 kW
max. power: 3,75 kW
Steam boiler temperature: 183 °C
Rated pressure: 10 kBar
max. pressure: 12 kBar
Steam flow: 5.9 Kg/h
Water tank: 7.5 l
Boiler capacity: 5 l
Weight: 35 kg
Dimensions: 50x40x80cm

Steam Professional INDUSTRY

Voltage V: 230/400
Power: 10.8 - 20.75 kW
Steam boiler temperature: 183 °C
Rated pressure: 10 kBar
max. pressure: 12 kBar
Steam flow: 17.5 - 58.0 Kg/h
Water tank: 14 l
Detergent tank: 14 l
Boiler capacity: 7.3 l
Weight: 106 kg
Dimensions: 115x65x125cm

We regularly improve and update our production and offer more and more innovative models, for example, cleanWorld has realised a combined cleaning device that unites the power of steam with the energy of suction (optional).

The reliable stainless steel steam boiler with an automatic refill system allows a strong and constant steam flow, without interruption.

For the injection of detergent reaching 90-165°C at the outlet, the steam professional industry is equipped with a separate detergent tank. Furthermore there is a Hot water injection system.

With the ecological cleaning by the power of steam, cleanWorld has combined a powerful vacuum cleaner (optional) that can suck up both dust and liquids.

The steam professional industry is the ideal solution for cleaning and disinfection. With the various accessories it is possible to clean, reduce germs and remove dirt.

cleanWorld dry steam system - Hygienic cleanliness

Before cleaning, the steam is heated up to 180 °C.

This will result in

  • Germs strongly reduced
  • Greases dissolved 
  • Textiles deep-cleaned
  • rough and smooth surfaces hygienically clean!



  • no chemicals
  • no detergents
  • Inexpensive and environmentally friendly
  • maximum protection for your textiles
  • The high temperature produces a very dry, effective steam.


Textiles, such as beds, upholstery and carpets:

  • top cleanliness
  • no chemicals or cleaning agents
  • inexpensive and environmentally friendly
  • Textiles do not get wet
  • no burning
  • no moisture stains

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